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Jaw Pain and Forward Tongue Position "Tongue Thrust" is an indicator that there are other areas in the body that are Off-Balance.  Your daily habits influence the balance of your jaw and tongue position which impacts your dental alignment, chewing, eating, hearing, sleep & speech. 


Our Program Encompasses:
  • Respiratory training

  • Stimulation of sensitivity.

  • Mobility exercises.

  • Perception of habitual positioning of mandible, lips, and tongue at rest.

  • Training of habitual positioning of mandible, lips, and tongue at rest.

  • Training of simultaneous bilateral mastication.

  • Training of function of the mandible, lips, and tongue during the swallowing of solid and liquid foods.

  • Perception of the speech pattern performed by the patient and the promotion of awareness on the correct pattern.

  • Speech training (phonetic).

  • Counseling on the home accomplishment of strategies

  • Work as a team with your dentist, orthodontist, and doctor. 

We are offering an introductory offer of consultation, assessment, and intro session valued at $675.00 for Only $179!

“Being able to smile again has helped me to have a brighter outlook on life. I don’t believe that it will be able to get any better than this.”


“Having the smile that I’m meant to have has boosted my confidence. It has helped me to perform better at my job. It has also helped to make my girlfriend happier.”



New Patient Introductory Offer

Consultation, Assessment, & Intro Session Valued at $675.00 for Only $179.00

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