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"Avoid Relapse & Improper Muscle Function with Post-Op Treatment". 


If you had knee surgery, you would be recommended for physiotherapy to improve muscle function.  So why wouldn't it work the same way for the Jaw muscles? Myofuntional Therapy can improve your post-operative outcomes.


Jaw Surgery will change your bone structure and with that, the muscles of the jaw will also change. This causes your muscles of the jaw, tongue, chew and swallow, speech, and respiration to work in a new and unfamiliar way.

A relationship exists between the face and its orofacial muscle functions.  The structure allows the muscle function to be set in motion.  The muscle function will then be created on the boney structure.  A good functional dynamic clears for a harmonious relationship between the jaw and the muscles.

The desired occlusal balance and dental alignment are linked to muscular balance and functional orofacial symmetry.  If orofacial dyspraxia or difficulty with the control of the orofacial muscle movement is not corrected, there is an increased risk of delaying recovery or even causing a relapse.  

Myofunctional Therapy Outcomes for Jaw Surgery Rehabilitation

  • Improve Facial Symmetry

  • Decrease Jaw Tension, Pain, daytime clenching, and bruxing

  • Regain essential strength, stability, and control of the facial, jaw, tongue, lip, neck, and respiratory muscles

  • Restore normal jaw and oral-facial functions of chewing and swallowing.

  • Increase jaw, tongue, and lip range of motion needed for speaking, yawning, singing, sexual expression, and dental work.

  • Optimize respiration for sleeping and leisure activities.

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Our Orofacial Myofunctional therapist is certified and experienced in orofacial muscular disorders and craniosacral techniques, swallowing task techniques, and speech therapy.  We use up-to-date techniques and research to achieve the best results for you. Our goal is to find the cause of your problems and help you achieve optimal health and well being. 

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