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"Avoid Relapse with Post-Op Treatment". 

According to research, 60% of people who had Jaw Surgery experienced long-term relapse. An appropriate Post-Operative Treatment Plan is crucial for the long term success of a very costly procedure.


At TASL, we create a tailor-made plan, that includes accountability, and guidance throughout your healing process. We also work closely with your oral surgeon and orthodontist to ensure positive and long-term results.


Our program provides you with a tailor-made treatment plan according to your needs that targets:

  • Respiratory training (type and/or mode).

  • Stimulation of sensitivity.

  • Mobility exercises.

  • Perception of habitual positioning of mandible, lips, and tongue at rest.

  • Training of habitual positioning of mandible, lips, and tongue at rest.

  • Training of simultaneous bilateral mastication.

  • Training of function of the mandible, lips, and tongue during the swallowing of solid and liquid foods.

  • Perception of the speech pattern performed by the patient and the promotion of awareness on the correct pattern.

  • Speech training (phonetic).

  • Counseling on the home accomplishment of strategies

The results of our program have helped numerous of our clients experience a positive recovery process.  

We are offering an introductory offer of consultation, assessment, and intro session valued at $675.00 for Only $179!

“I wasn't sure what to expect after jaw surgery, I am very happy that I decided to use TASL as part of my post-op recovery, I am 12 months Post Operative and loving the outcomes of the surgery and enjoying the ability to chew and eat without having pain.”

“I was having issues with chewing and swallowing 12 monts post op and issues opening my mouth. Finally, I just had enough, TASL has been a lifesaver for me.”




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