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Physician Testimonials

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Dr. Patricia Serna
General Dentist

My name is Dr. Patricia Serna.  I am a general dentist in the Houston area.  Before meeting Ms. Shahar I had heard of the power of myofunctional therapy, but I was skeptical.  Could exercises really help an open bite or sleep apnea?  And would the patients even do the exercises? Ms. Shahar came in one day to do a lunch and learn and the very next day I had a patient with a severe open bite.  She stated that it seemed to be getting worse. I cautiously mentioned Ms. Shahar and that the patient may want to consult with her.  That began a life changing process for my patient.  It was complicated and involved several different referrals, but the results have been incredible.  My patient’s sleep apnea is so much better, her open bite is fixed, and the patient is extremely pleased.  If Ms. Shahar could manage this case I am very confident that she can manage anything!  Thanks Ms. Shahar.  I now feel like I have another avenue with which to treat my patients.

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I highly recommend Alizah Shahar for Maxillofacial Defects, Tongue Thrust and Swallowing.  She is a knowledgeable speech pathologist.  

"My patients and I have had excellent experiences with Alizah.  She always provides a customized treatment plan and hands-on care, catering to the patient's individual needs.  I also appreciate the fact that she has a special interest in treating patients before and after jaw surgery.  I recommend TASL very highly!"  -Dr. K., orthodontist

Physician Testimonials
Patient Testimonials

Anita G., Patient

The care that is received is individualized and great feedback so that I can continue to improve.  The exercises are easy to understand and follow.  The improvements have been amazing and people even noticed the difference in how I look.

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Nick Y., Patient

Amber C, Patient

I rate TASL a 10 out of 10 and highly recommend them to anyone.  I had issues with open bite, TMJ, and sleep.  This form of treatment is simple to understand and I love the accountability.  I noticed improvements in my breathing, and my tongue was no longer a problem for my braces and a decrease in jaw tension immediately.

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