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What is a Tongue and Lip Tie?

​A tongue-tie is an unusually short, thick, or tight band of tissue (lingual frenulum) that tethers the bottom of the tongue’s tip to the floor of the mouth, limiting mobility. Likewise, a lip-tie (labial frenulum) is a short, thick, or tight band of tissue that tethers the upper lip to the upper gums, limiting the lip’s ability to flare and curl.

What are the Potential Effects of Tongue-Tie?

1. Speech Delay & Voice Development

2. Dental health

3. Periodontic health.

4. Oral hygiene

5. Eating and digestion

6. Sexual function

7. Appearance

8. Self-esteem

The purpose of post-operative treatment

  1. Develop new muscle movements, particularly those involving tongue-tip elevation and protrusion, inside and outside of the mouth.

  2. Increase kinaesthetic awareness of the full range of movements the tongue and lips can perform. In this context, kinaesthetic awareness refers to knowing where a part of the mouth is, what it is doing, and what it feels like.

  3. Encourage tongue movements related to cleaning the oral cavity, including sweeping the insides of the cheeks, fronts and backs of the teeth, and licking right around both lips.

Consultation, Assessment, & Intro Session Valued a $675.00 for $179.00

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New Patient Introductory Offer

Consultation, Assessment, &  Intro Session Valued at $675.00 for Only $179.00

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